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The 10 acre lake now known as Utopia was created around 1950 when the gravel that lay there was extracted for the construction of Charles de Gaulle airport.


The lake was then left for many years until the proprietor before myself introduced large quantities of roach, bream, pike, zandar and carp. He had a syndicate of French anglers, of which most of them only fished for the roach, bream, pike and zandar picking up the odd carp, but usually being broke off due to the power and later the size of their carp.


When we bought the lake there were only 12 anglers who fished the lake with just 3 specialising in the capture of carp, this was back in august 2002. These anglers have now finished their syndicate which we agreed to allow it to run its course until December 31st 2002.


During the time in which we have owned the lake, many changes have taken place. Over 40 wooden pontoons have been removed making way for the construction of 8 purpose made swims.


In 2003 we introduced over 1,5 tonnes of carp to the already big head of fish in the lake, and in 2004 another Ton of hand selected fish such as linears, fully scaled and leather carp up to 39lbs were added to this awesome venue.


Over 2005, 30 more fish have been introduced including carp up to 42lbs.


We now have a purpose built lodge, which is proving to be very successful with both the short and long stay anglers.


Now in 2017 we have carp to 62lbs, tench to 14.04lbs. the lake has gone from strength to strength and over 85% of my customers return year after year.


A new lake record was set on the 5th October 2022 by Jake Orton with a carp of 67lbs.


At the end of the day we are keen carp anglers just like you, so feel free to contact us regarding anything. (Remember its only our fish that bite devil




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