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We now offer a top range of boilies,

pop-ups, dips and particles.



Prices start from as little as 8.00€/KG,

contact me either by phone or e-mail for more details.



Both these boilies have had great success over the years they have been used here. 

These two baits were selected after the lads at Trent Baits tested each

of their baits over numerous years here at Utopia.

Tikka Spice


Highly digestible proteins are combined with bird foods and cereals to ensure that nutrients are easily utilised throughout the year. Enhanced with real spices, natural extracts and essential Oils.

16mm or 20mm


8.50€/KG for orders over 10KGs*

8.00€/KG for orders over 50KGs*

Liver Specials


The great results by anglers using our Liver Shellfish over its first seven or eight years has led to the bait having something of cult status among those in the know, and it is from this proven recipe that Liver Specials have evolved.​​

As with the original Liver Shellfish the base mix is produced from Lo​w Temperature and Pre Digested fishmeal along with high grade Liver powders along with other high quality ingredients. Our Nature Identical Shellfish flavour and Natural liquid extracts combine with the base mix to create a bait which oozes natural attraction. Couple this with a very little known about and very expensive liquid attractor; it makes for an instant classic.

16mm or 20mm


8.50€/KG for orders over 10KGs*

8.00€/KG for orders over 50KGs*


*Only for lake customers, not for general public sale.

Pop ups


These match your chosen boilie, super floatability, 14mm 5.00€ the pot.


We do have a small stock of boilies, pop ups and dips on site,

but to ensure we have the quantity you want, we recommend

that you

order a minimum of one month in advance.


 New for 2017


       Spodmix                        Particlemix                Super Seedmix    

Hempseed 3ltr 11.20€
Tigernuts 3ltr 10.20€
Spodmix (Wheat, Tigers, Hemp) 3ltr 10.20€
Particle Mix (Corn, Wheat, Tigers, Hemp) 3ltr 10.20€
Chilli Hemp 3ltr 11.70€
Super Seedmix (Buckwheat, Wheat, Tigers Sesame) 3ltr 10.20€
Particle Megamix 3ltr 10.20€










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