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We now offer a top range of boilies,

pop-ups, dips and particles.


Due to new Brexit regulations we have had to unfortunately find a new boilie manufacturer.


After studying a lot of different bait companies, checking quality etc.


We now stock on site the following baits.





FB Scrill 5kg


This bait contains more than 25% fish meal (mainly krill and shrimp meal) and is flavored with hydrolyzed krill powder and a liquid lobster extract. The familiar taste and smell of krill and lobster combine to create a powerful, attractive aroma. The Scrill thus contains the winning combination and ensures astonishing results all year round, both instantaneously and during feeding campaigns.

16mm or 20mm




FB Red Spice 5kg


This bait has been the number 1 in our range for years. Red Spice has a dark red color due to the large amount of Haith's Robin Red that is used in it. This, in combination with a carefully composed spice mix, makes Red Spice an irresistible boilie with a very special taste, which is perfected with our Squid Octopus flavour.

16mm or 20mm







Another premium grade fishmeal bait rich in amino acids and digestible proteins.

Carrying a squid and blood orange flavour,  this mix consists of a blend of low temperature fishmeals, pre-digested fishmeals, squidmeal, krillmeal, squid extracts along with vegetable proteins, yeasts, kelp, chilli and garlic. 

To further enhance this already super attractive bait we have also included our vitamin premix, shellfish liquid feed, high quality Scottish salmon oil along with natural antioxidants, digestive aids and appetite stimulants


15mm or 20mm





*Only for lake customers, not for general public sale.

Hook Baits

Various different types of hook baits Pop-ups, wafters available on site. Price depends on type of product.


 New for 2020





Hempseed (Bag) 5kgs 16.50€
Tigernuts 700ml 5.50€
Particle Mix (Corn, Wheat, Tigers, Hemp) (Bag) 5kgs 16.50€
Mixed Pellet Inc Bucket 10ltr 20.00€
Refill Pellet   10ltr 14.00€

Our pellet is supplied by what I think is one of the top manufacturers, Aller Aqua.




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